Cotton Candy Cooling Bandana

$10.00 USD

Keep your dog cool and looking fresh! Soak this bandana in cold water and wring it out and the bandana will keep your dog chilled and relaxed.

Pair the bandana with a Matching human T-shirt and look fresh together!

Size M for most dogs under 50lbs

Size L for most dogs under 120lbs

100% Polyester mesh fabric

We will process your order within 3 business days and provide step by step tracking for the package through email and SMS.

Location Business Days
United States 6 to 12
Canada 8 to 12
Australia & NZ 4 to 10
United Kingdom 5 to 10
Germany 5 to 10
Italy 5 to 10
France 5 to 10
Japan 5 to 10
Rest of EU 5 to 12
Rest of World 10 to 20


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