Difference Between Pit Bulls and American Bulldogs

Pit Bulls and American Bulldogs are pretty similar when it comes to their physical appearance. This is why a lot of people are often confused, but the truth is that these two breeds actually vary in several aspects, especially when it comes to their history and origin, their characteristics, and their behavior.

For instance, the American Bulldog actually belongs to the mastiff group while on the other hand; the American Pit bull Terrier belongs to the terrier group.

In this article, we will discuss some aspects that differentiate these two dogs.

History and Origin:

Pit Bulls, or most popularly known as American Pit-bull Terriers, was a result of crossbreeding between the Old English Bulldogs and Old English Terriers. Pit-bull were originally bred for blood sports in the 1800s known as "bull-baiting." Thankfully, blood sports have been already banned today and are considered a felony. These types of dogs were converted into working-class companions. As years passed by, the breed has even become the "All American Dog and Sweetheart" since people began to understand and know them better. In fact, during the world war, Pit Bulls were used as the war mascot because of their known bravery and loyalty.

American Bulldogs, on the other hand, were bred more specifically for guarding and hunting. These types of dogs were believed to evolve from English bulldogs and further trained to work on farms, especially for managing cattle and hunting invasive wild pigs.

During the first half of the 20th century, their population started to decline and nearly went extinct. Thanks to the work of Dr. John D. Johnson, the American Bulldog was saved from extinction.


Pit Bulls are known for their loyalty. In fact, these dogs love to please their owners. When compared to other breeds, Pit Bulls are more touching and affectionate towards people, especially to children. Aside from being courageous, they are sporty and lively. This is why they need regular daily exercise to maintain their fitness. Also, contrary to popular belief, Pit Bulls don't attack humans. They only became violent only if their owners had purposely trained them to do so.

American Bulldogs, aside from being confident, fearless, and courageous, is also gentle and affectionate. They are socially active and love to play with their owners. Because of their loyalty, they are always considered as a family dog. They are well-known for having strong protective instincts.

Physical Appearance:

Pit Bulls' appearances are somewhat similar to American Bulldogs. However, Pit Bulls have broader skulls and stronger jaws. Their weight varies between 14-23 kg for females and 16-27 kg for males. Also, Pit Bulls are shorter than American Bulldogs, but this makes them become more athletic. These dogs also have shiny coats that come in various colors such as grey, red, black, blue, etc., which makes them perfect for any type of dog gold chain.

American Bulldogs are sturdy, strong, and muscular. They also come with a broader chest, making them highly athletic. These dogs generally have weight varying from 30-58 kg. American Bulldogs have soft and small coats that vary in colors, as well as having a wide frame with thick tails. So make sure to remember those traits when styling your dog with clothes and chain collars.


Pit Bulls and American Bulldogs have their unique characteristics. These dogs usually have a life expectancy of 10-15 years and 8-15 years, respectively. Also, it is essential to note that Pitbulls are agile indoors, while American Bulldogs love to stay outdoors. Both need a place for living that is sufficient for their exercises.

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