When Do Pit Bulls Stop Growing?

A lot of us pet lovers are thrilled when taking home and welcoming our newly adopted pets, especially when they are still puppies! Looking at their cute small paws or toe beans fills us with warmth and delight! Watching these fur babies while doing their thing makes us "Aww, so precious!!! Must protect!!!"

As time passes by so quickly, days become months, and months become years. All of a sudden we realized, our furry companions have grown big. Some of the dogs can still fit in your handbag, but some of them grow BIG that both of you will require a bigger couch. Then you ask yourself again the question, when do Pit-bull stop growing?

What is a Pit bull?

Pit bull is the term used in the United States for dogs that have a mixed breed between old English bulldogs and terriers. If we're going to look and read this breed's history, the original or core breeds are the American Pit bull terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier.

Do Pit bull Stop Growing?

Have you ever wondered when they are going to stop growing? Each dog has a different growth pattern. Pit bulls will continue to grow until they are two to three years of age. Pit bulls can reach their full height between 12 to 18 months old and full weight between two to three years old. But no matter what their height and age are, they will always look adorable wearing dog clothes or Cuban dog collars.

If you observe, puppies grow fast, especially Pit bulls. They have increasing spurts between their four to nine months. During these months, they can be totally out of control if you don't put lots of effort into training them. Pit bull puppies are quite hyper. The only way to calm them down is to give them activities that will exercise them. During those months, they'll continue to grow but slowly until between 12 to 18 months. After that, they become fully grown. Once they are fully grown, they will start to gain weight and muscles.

Taking Care Of Your Pit bull

The behavior of your pet depends on how you treat them. From the moment you adopted them, it's your responsibility as a pet owner to make them comfortable with their new environment. Is your house an ideal place for them? Will they be able to play? Or is everyone in the house good with taking care of them when you're not home? Everything can be a contributing factor to how they develop their good/bad behavior. Raising a pet is like raising a kid. You have to nurture them.

If you're going to adopt a Pit bull, you have to be 100% committed and have enough knowledge of how you're going to make a friendly and loving environment. For instance, giving them treats when they deserve a reward, training them to be social, and ensuring they are safe and warm, will ensure that they will love you back. If they do something that doesn't please you, don't scold or hit them and just talk to them like a little child. It's the most effective way of teaching them the difference between right and wrong. Since Pit bulls love attention, you need to give them tender loving care.


From pocket size to "can't carry you anymore, buddy" size, you can try to estimate how big they are going to become by looking at its parents. Pit bulls will continue to grow between 12 to 18 months and will become mature and calmer when they are two to three years old. Full-grown Pit bulls weigh 40 to 60 pounds and can have a height of 18 to 21 inches tall. Weight and height vary depending on gender and bloodline.