Can I return if the size is wrong?
We can return and exchange within 14 days of delivery, please do not remove the inner protective films on the chains before sizing on your dog to avoid hairlines scratches.

How much does the Gold Chain Collar weigh?
The Gold Chain Collar weighs between 150g - 260g depending on size.

How do I clean the pieces?
Soak in warm water for a few minutes, lay the chain flat and use a soft cloth to clean the surface. Avoid using dish detergents as it may tarnish the surface.

Can the pendant be engraved / do you offer engraving?
The back of the pendant can be engraved. We do not offer custom engraving, this can be done at your local pet or hardware store.

How heavy is letter pendant?
Each letter pendant weighs between 9-12 grams, about the weight of 2 U.S nickels.

Is the Gold Chain Set safe for big dogs?
The collar and leash are made with stainless steel and hand-welded for extra durability.