Pit bull Colors - A List of all pit bull color combinations with pictures

So, you've got your eyes set on one of the most charismatic and misunderstood dog breeds out there—the mighty Pit Bull. We get it; these dogs are nothing short of awesome.

But before you dive into the world of Pit Bulls, there's something super cool you should know about: their stunning array of colors.

Whether you're dreaming of a companion for your adventures or a new member for your fur family, the color of your future pup isn't just about looks—it's a canvas of genetics and personality.

From the classic, sleek black to the rare, eye-catching blue fawn, Pit Bulls paint a rainbow that's as diverse as their loving and vibrant personalities.

Ready to explore the colorful world of Pit Bulls? Buckle up; we're about to take you on a vibrant journey through every shade and hue these amazing dogs offer. Let's find the color that matches your vibe!

Standard Pit Bull Colors

Black Pitbull with a white Pitbull

Black Pitbull

Black Pit Bulls are striking with their glossy, jet-black coats. This color is a result of a dominant gene, which makes it one of the most common colors in Pit Bulls. These dogs often have a strong, muscular look accentuated by their dark fur, making them a favorite for those who love a classic, powerful appearance.

White Pitbull

White Pit Bulls are truly eye-catching with their pure, snowy coats. This color can range from pure white to white with patches of other colors. They often have distinct markings, such as spots or patches, especially around the ears and eyes, adding to their unique charm.

White and brown Pitbull


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Blue Pitbull

Blue Pit Bulls are not actually blue but rather have a beautiful, silvery-grey coat that can sometimes look blue in certain lights.

This color results from a rare dilution gene that affects the black pigment in the coat. Blue Pit Bulls often have mesmerizing blue or grey eyes, adding to their allure.

Fawn Pitbull

Fawn Pit Bulls range in shade from light tan to a deeper, reddish-brown. This warm, earthy color is both common and popular, often accented with a white chest and paws. Their gentle, soft appearance often belies their energetic and playful nature.

Red Pitbull

Red Pit Bulls are known for their stunning, rich copper or reddish-brown coat. This vibrant color is often complemented by amber or green eyes, making them stand out. Like black Pit Bulls, this color is also due to a dominant gene, making it fairly common.

Red coloured pitbulls

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Rare and Unique Pit Bull Colors

Brindle Pit Bulls

Brindle Pit Bulls have a unique tiger-stripe pattern, featuring a mix of colors that can range from black and brown to lighter shades. The brindle pattern is not a solid color but a striping effect, which makes each brindle Pit Bull distinct.

Choose between the following varieties:

  • Blue Fawn Brindle pitbull
  • Reverse brindle pitbull
  • Red Brindle pitbull
  • Black Brindle Pitbull
  • Blue Brindle Pitbull

Blue Fawn Pitbulls

Blue Fawn Pit Bulls are a rare and beautiful variation. They have a fawn coat that appears diluted, giving it a unique silvery-blue sheen. This coloration is due to the same dilution gene that produces blue Pit Bulls, making it quite rare and sought after.

Brindle Pitbull


Did You Know?

"Pit Bull" is an umbrella term commonly used to refer to several breeds of dogs with similar physical characteristics. These breeds include:

The American PitBull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Chocolate Pitbull

Chocolate Pit Bulls are deep, rich brown in color, much like the sweet treat they're named after. This color is rarer than the standard brown due to a recessive gene, making chocolate Pit Bulls a unique find.

Lilac Pitbull

Lilac Pit Bulls are one of the rarest colors. They have a stunning, cool-toned color that is a mix of blue and brown, often with a silvery sheen. This unique color results from a combination of recessive genes, making it a rarity and a real show-stopper.

Liver color Pitbull


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Red and Blue Nose Pitbull

Blue and Red Nose Pitbulls are often spotlighted for their distinctive nose colors, adding a unique touch to their charismatic appearance.

Blue Nose Pitbulls are known for their striking blue or grayish nose, often accompanied by a matching silvery-blue coat, although the coat color can vary. This blue hue is due to a rare genetic trait that affects the pigmentation.

On the other hand, Red Nose Pitbulls boast a warm, reddish-brown nose that complements their often amber-to-red-toned coat. This reddish coloring is also a result of specific genetic factors.

It's crucial to understand that these color traits are purely cosmetic; they don't indicate any difference in temperament or health compared to other Pitbulls. 

Tricolor Pitbull

Typically, these colors are a mix of black, white, and tan, but can also include shades like blue, brown, or red, depending on the genetic makeup.

The tricolor pattern usually manifests in specific areas: white often appears on the chest, neck, and parts of the face, while the darker colors may form a saddle or blanket-like pattern on the back, and tan markings frequently appear over the eyes, on the cheeks, and legs.

Tricolor Pitbulls


Why These Colors Are Rare

Colors like brindle, blue fawn, chocolate, and lilac in Pit Bulls are rare due to their genetic makeup.

These colors often require a specific combination of recessive genes from both parents.

Unlike dominant genes, which only need one parent to pass down the trait, recessive genes must be present in both parents. This genetic rarity contributes to the uniqueness and special appeal of these colors in Pit Bulls.


And that's a wrap on our colorful journey through the world of Pit Bulls! From the sleek sheen of the Blue Nose to the warm glow of the Red, and every hue in between, we hope you're now buzzing with excitement and appreciation for these magnificent dogs. 

Remember, the color of a Pit Bull is just one of the many facets that make them such unique companions.

Whether you're drawn to the rarity of a Lilac or the classic charm of a Fawn, each Pit Bull brings its own blend of joy, loyalty, and love into your life.

So, as you ponder which color resonates with your spirit, remember that the true beauty of a Pit Bull lies not in the color of its coat, but in its boundless heart and spirited soul.

Here's to finding your perfect Pit Bull match, one that mirrors your vibe and lights up your world with every wag of their tail. Keep celebrating the diversity, and let your Pit Bull color adventure begin!