Ditch The Collar If Your Dog Is One Of These




1. Puppies - They don't know how to behave when leashed.

They will pull, get tangled up, and even tumble around hurting their fragile bodies, especially their necks

2. Flat Faced Breeds - It's harder for them to breathe.

Brachycephalic dogs like pugs, French bulldogs, and Boston terriers have a harder time breathing when they’re held back around their necks.

3. Heavy Pullers

Will pull against their leash with all their might. The worst heavy pullers will continue to pull even when they're already on the verge of choking!

4. Senior or Injured Dogs - They need extra support.

It’s important to distribute the pulling pressure across a larger part of their bodies instead of only their necks.

5. Escape Artists - Can wiggle their way into harm.

Dogs with slender bodies are remarkably talented in wiggling out of their collars, making it easier for them to come across harm's way.

Is There A Better Alternative To Collars?

Harnesses are a great substitute and offers some incredibly important benefits over collars/

  • More Security
  • More Control
  • Better distribution of pressure
  • Less neck related Injuries

SPARK PAWS harnesses ensure that your dog is protected and comfortable.

All SPARK PAWS harnesses are made with breathable mesh material and come with reflective straps to increase safety and visibility for every adventure.

The Metal D ring connector and 4 point ABS grade buckle are sturdy and durable to guarantee long lasting wear.

The neck and chest straps are 100% fully adjustable to ensure the best fit for every dog!

See what other dog owners are saying!


— Tracey S

"Love these harnesses! The fit is bang on, the quality of the fabric is great and sturdy and colours are so vibrant. I definitely feel like it's safer walking my dogs in these harnesses than collars"

— Mona F. 

"A very comfortable harness with padding. It's also adjustable which makes it fit pawfectly. Last but not least, super cool design!"

— Estelle C. 

"My dogs are only 4lbs, so sometimes it’s hard to find harnesses that fit them, but we were so happy with these SPARK PAWS harnesses because it has adjusters on the waist and neck. We were able to tighten it so that it fits them perfectly! The material feels soft, cushioned, and breathable!

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