Names For Male Pit Bulls

As Shakespeare once said - “What is in a name?”. Most of us probably use our pet’s official names as a springboard for a bunch of nicknames, but that doesn't mean that choosing a well-suited name is unimportant. After all, it may appear on official documents, and you will hopefully be using it for a number of years if you’ve just adopted your pitbull puppy.

Pit bulls are a blanket term for several dog breeds that include dogs such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, American Pit Bull Terrier, and a few others. They are normally known for being strong and powerful dogs.

This particular article focuses on more masculine names for pit bulls, so there are few female pit bull names, some names may be unisex. 

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Tough Pitbull Names

Tank - You can't get much tougher than a tank, however, there’s also a bit of a humorous note when you compare your furry friend to these big square machines. A tank can be something destructive, or protective, depending on your perspective.

Moose - Moose is another name that can be tough or fun, depending on perspective, but you can’t deny that the raw power of these giant animals is something to be admired.

Maverick - This is the name given to individuals with a bit of a rebellious streak who like to do things their way. Also, a nice reference for any Top Gun fans.

Spike -  A classic name for pit bulls and other big dogs, it may remind you of the Bulldog from Tom and Jerry, who was famous for being a tough but fair kind of guy.

Ranger - A ranger is someone who acts as a scout, normally through forests or other wild terrain. Pit bulls with this name would convey both the toughness and the ingenuity that these men would need to do their duty.

Diesel - Diesel is the name of a type of fuel and a type of powerful engine. It's a dynamo name with fiery connotations. One could almost imagine this pit bull on the open road under desert skies.

Athletic Pitbull Names

Ace - Ace is a popular name meaning ‘Unity’, but can also mean that something is good or impressive.

Rocky - This iconic character is known for being strong and determined, qualities you may want your pit bull to reflect.

Kobe - Choosing to honor one of your favorite athletes by naming your dog after them is a common practice[1]. This basketball star met a tragic end at a young age, making him a popular choice to be honored. This is also a good name for a dog who loves jumping or playing with balls.

Kicker - This name is perfect for a pit bull with lots of energy. A high-octane name for a dog that's always on the go.

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Chase - I’m sure he will.

Brady/Bradey - A classic surfer-dude name for a pit bull with an easy-going nature, especially if you can take him out to run on the beach.

Max/Maximus - The Circus Maximus was a large arena in Rome where chariot races and other sporting events were often held[2]. It's a name with a historical significance as well as an athletic one.

Mythological Pit Bull Names

Lancelot - One of King Arthur’s knights, this name conveys a sense of strength and nobility. It can also be shortened to ‘lance’ which is a kind of polearm weapon.

Cerberus - The name of Hades’ three-headed dog who guards the gates of the underworld in Greek mythology. This name can be a fun in-joke while still carrying with it an image of loyalty and power.

Titan - The Titans are giants of Greek mythology, sealed away for being too powerful. In modern English, ‘titan’ still refers to things we consider huge and strong. A good name for a big pit bull.

Thor - This Norse God’s name has become popular due to his comic book counterpart, and most people will think of the strong and handsome god when they think of the name.

Loki - For a more mischievous pit bull, this name of the famous trickster god of Norse Mythology can be a lot of fun.

Achilles - Achilles was a powerful warrior in the Iliad and was almost completely indestructible (aside from his famous heel). However, it also conveys some of the passion and strong loyalty displayed by the legendary man.

Zeus - This Greek God is one of the main gods in the Greek pantheon. It conveys a sense of majesty…and just a little bit of fear from thunderbolts! Also a good name for white pit bulls with a cloud-like appearance.

Historical Pit Bull Names

Brutus - While the name of the man who betrayed Julius Caesar may not seem like a great name, he remains a popular character and a symbol of manly strength due to popular culture and Shakespeare’s play.

Caesar - If you don’t want a specific Caesar, then the name ‘Caesar’ is fine on its own. These leaders of the ancient Roman world convey the ideas of military might, philosophical discussion, and their impressive ancient cities.

Ronin - A Ronin was a word for a Samurai without a leader. This pit bull’s name conveys a sense of strength, but also a hint of danger as well as independence.[3]

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Teddy - President Theodore Roosevelt was known for having a pit bull that lived with him at the White House, meaning that the name has a historical significance while still keeping the more cuddly nature of the ‘Teddy bears’ that also bear the president's name.

Duke - A Duke can refer to nobility, but it was also something of a tough guy name in the late 1800s, right around when pit bulls were first getting recognised as a breed. This name can have connotations of nobility, or that of an artful dodger, depending on how you spin it.

Cute Pitbull Names

Pickle - A popular snack food, this name has connotations with something tangy and fun, a good candidate for the name of a fun-loving pup.

Beans - Beans is another classic. Whether it makes you think of the small, round food or your dog’s toe pads, there are sweet, friendly connotations for a beloved family pet.

Buddy - When it comes to friendly, warm names, you can’t get much friendlier than ‘Buddy’. Let's face it, you were probably going to end up calling your pit bull this at some point anyway.

Chunk - Pit bulls often turn out kind of chunky and wide-chested, so this sweet and goofy name may be perfect for a lovable goof.

Manju - Manju is the name of a Japanese steamed bun that is round and filled with a sweet filling[4]. Perfect for a big pit bull with a soft and sweet center and a charming personality.

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Coat-Color-Based Pitbull Names

Black PitBull Names

Darcy - An Irish name meaning black or dark.

Jett - A shade of black.

Inky - A cute name for a messy furry friend.

White PitBull Names

Casper - For your friendly ghost.

Finn - Another Irish name, this one meaning ‘fair’ or ‘white’

Gandalf - A fun reference name for your powerful pet. A good one for if your dog’s personality reflects some age and wisdom…but still has a playful streak.

Blue PitBull Names

Anchovy - An unusual name, but still quite adorable. A sweet, friendly name for a beloved dog. It might stand out in a crowd too. 

Slate - A stone-cold name that is also a bluish shade of gray. It reflects some of that toughness too.

Azul - The Spanish word for ‘blue’, there are also a number of animal companions that have had this name, and it has a little bit of zest to it.

Fawn PitBull Names

Chai - Another spicy name. Chai means tea but is often associated with the spiced drink of the same name. It's a nice cozy name with some warm memories.

Whiskey - One of the more popular pit bull names, the name of this drink has been used for dogs for centuries. It brings thoughts of smoke, wood, and old-fashioned gentleman. A good name for a good dog.

Umber - Umber is a shade or deep brown, and the word has a bit of a growl to it, a good name for a big fellow

Brindle Pitbull Names

Cedar - These coniferous trees tend to have a mottled appearance to match your pit bull. They are also tough and can last a very long time…they also smell good!

Russet - Russet is a reddish-brown color, but it can also mean ‘rustic’ in some settings. This may be a good name for a dog that really loves the outdoors and that rustic lifestyle.

Camo/Camou - Short for ‘Camouflage’ this name likens that gorgeous tiger stripes brindle coat to a soldier's camouflage. Another name that sounds like it's meant for a tough guy. 

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Whatever name you eventually decide on, whether you’ve gone with more popular pit bull names, gone with something more unique…or if you come up with more dog name ideas on your own, we are sure that you’re going to find a way to make sure that it fits your pit bull’s unique personality, and that it will fit well for your family.

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