Pet Books to Give as Gifts

Books are thoughtful gifts to give for any occasion, but especially for the holidays when many have time to pore over pages. For book-loving dog parents, there’s nothing like curling up and getting cozy with their beloved pets.
If you’re headed to the bookstore for a holiday shopping spree, here are some of the best dog-themed books to get for your pet-loving friends and family:

Best Novels for Pet Parents

These books are best for dog lovers that love to get lost in a good story.

The Friend by Sigrid Nunez

★★★★✩ from over 31,000 ratings on Goodreads
After the death of her best friend, a woman becomes the reluctant owner of a gigantic Great Dane. She wrestles with her grief as she struggles to help the dog come to terms with its master’s sudden disappearance.
The book is a contemplation on loss, grief, and the inexplicably strong bond that dogs can develop with their humans.

Jonathan Unleashed by Meg Rosoff

★★★★✩ from over 2,500 ratings on Goodreads
Although determined not to get attached, Jonathan finds himself constantly worrying about the happiness of the Border Collie and Cocker Spaniel his brother asked him to take in for a few months.
As the book unravels, it becomes apparent that his concerns with the dogs are projections about his own life, its value, and its purpose.

Best Non-Fiction Books for Pet Lovers

These books are best for dog lovers that feel good reading heartwarming stories about other humans and their pets.

Off the Leash by Matthew Gilbert

★★★★✩ from over 350 ratings on Goodreads
Off the Leash is an amusing account of Matthew Gilbert’s experience as a newbie dog owner and dog park frequenter. He quickly becomes obsessed with his dog and the subculture of similarly obsessed pet parents he encounters at the dog park.
In reality, this is a philosophy book disguised as a humorous narrative of a hesitant dog owner.

Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love by Larry Levin

★★★★✩ from over 12,000 ratings on Goodreads
Larry Lavin and his sons met a disfigured dog at the animal hospital. The young pit bull had only one ear and was covered with scar tissue. Its charm, however, was enough to capture the hearts of the Levin family who adopted him and named him Oogy.
This book is the story of a family’s determination in saving the life of a wonderful dog and making sure he experiences the love and affection every dog deserves.
Unfortunately, real-life stories like this are all too common and, hopefully, more of them will be as lucky as Oogy. To see if you can lend a hand, check out our battle against dogfighting.

Best Self-Help Books for Dog Owners

These books are best for dog lovers that could use some guidance about how best to care for their pets and strengthen their relationship.

Dog Training Revolution by Zak George

★★★★★ from over 3,500 ratings on Goodreads
Zak George is an American dog trainer best known for his YouTube channel and appearances on Animal Planet. His book contains a wealth of practical tips, games to play, and tricks to teach any dog.
Through this guide, readers learn a fun and positive approach to raising well-behaved and happy dogs.

The Happy Dog Owner by Dr. Carri Westgarth

★★★★✩ from over 10 ratings on Goodreads
Dr. Carri Westgarth is an expert in human-animal interactions and has vast experience in research on pet behavior. She combines her practical experience with scientific research to enable pet parents to relate and communicate better with their dogs and ensure a happy companionship.
Through this book, Dr. Westgarth provides a useful and easily relatable guide to raising a well-behaved dog and developing a strong bond with them.

Best Dog-Themed Books for Young Readers

These books are best for young dog lovers that are just developing a love for reading.

The Poet’s Dog by Patricia MacLachlan

★★★★✩ from over 2,500 ratings on Goodreads
This book is told from the point of view of an Irish Wolfhound named Teddy. Teddy speaks but can only be understood by poets and children. The story unfolds as Teddy rescues two kids from a snowstorm and takes them back to the cabin he once shared with his human.
This tale is simple yet imaginative and heartwarming. It speaks of love, grief, and moving forward in ways that are suitable for young readers.

Lulu Walks the Dogs by Judith Viorst

★★★★✩ from over 1,500 ratings on Goodreads
Lulu is a headstrong girl. There’s something she really wants and is determined to get it. To earn the money she needs, she starts a dog-walking service and her adventures begin.
This book is an amusing story with gorgeous illustrations. Especially charming is how the three canines hilariously bring chaos into what was supposedly a straightforward job for a girl with so much attitude.

Best Children’s Books About Dogs

These books are best for even younger readers who are probably growing up with a canine sibling.

Snuggle Puppy! by Sandra Boynton

★★★★✩ from over 7,500 ratings on Goodreads
Snuggle Puppy! is everything you’d expect from bestselling children’s book author Sandra Boynton. It is written in an adorable rhyming verse that’s a delight to read to very young children. It also features charming illustrations that are sure to captivate the little ones.
This book is a love song to puppies from children that hold them near and dear to their hearts.

Puppy Mind by Andrew Jordan Nance

★★★★✩ from over 100 ratings on Goodreads
A young boy likens his mind to a puppy, and he sets about finding ways to train it. Though this picture book is not about a puppy in particular, it contains beautiful puppy illustrations by Jim Durk who is best known for his artwork for Clifford the Big Red Dog.
This book is a delightful read with engaging images but its real value is in enabling young children to reflect on their own minds and how to cope with the world around them.

Best Coffee Table Books for Dog Lovers

These are must-have books for dog lovers to keep in their homes, show off to their guests, and have a laugh every so often.

Treat Too! by Christian Vieler

★★★★★ from over 10 ratings on Goodreads
Christian Vieler is best known for his beautiful portraits of dogs catching treats. Treat Too! is the second installation of the series where he captures double the joy with two dogs in each photograph. Both are vying for the same treats and are caught in hilarious poses.
This coffee table book is a delight to skim through and will definitely cheer you up even in the darkest of moods.

Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel

★★★★★ from over 2,100 ratings on Goodreads
Seth Casteel captures awesome candid images of dogs underwater and has compiled some of his best works in this book. Some of the photographs perfectly capture the joy of swimming while others are downright hilarious with dogs making silly faces while submerged in water.
This coffee table book is a must-have for dog lovers, especially if they, too, have a pup that loves being in the water.
These are books that any dog lover would appreciate and would proudly keep on their bookshelves. You might also want to consider getting their pets a few gifts of their own. To help you out, here’s a guide for finding the best toys for dogs.